Strengthening cross-border ties

The Philia Family

23 April 2018 , , Philia

We have Philia Hotspots all around the globe: in Berlin, Paris, London, Kabul, Delhi and Abuja. All around the world there is a Philia that is looking forward to connecting with you in person. Our Philia members know this and have started to make use of this unique opportunity. Read a couple of examples of Philia in-person meetups around the globe!


Nicole has spent two months in Delhi to set up impACT in India by mapping the right stakeholders for the unique format. impACT is a global movement that has been initiated by Philia as one of its founding organisations. Chitrangna, who is doing the Philia programme together with Anantika met up with Nicole quite a few times in Delhi. The two of them even went on a trip to nearby Agra. Interestingly, Chitrangna happens to work in a very similar field in the social entrepreneurship scene in Delhi. What a great match!


Pearl and Elle met in Kigali. Both of them happened to be in the same place, so they connected. Pearl is a successful female entrepreneur, while Elle is from the UK and works in the development sector. As she was located in Rwanda for four weeks they had the chance to meet up and get to know one another better. Who would have thought?


The last example is the most surprising one. Philia co-founder Tanja was at the international conference re:publica in her hometown Berlin, when suddenly Laetitia stood in front of her. Laetitia is a Philia participant from Paris who came to re:publica to network on behalf of her company. The meeting between the two was not planned at all, but the two enjoyed chatting in-person and recounting the many interesting in-depth calls they had had over skype in the past.