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PHILIA APP – The Future of Peer-to-Peer Coaching

18 October 2020 , , Philia
The Philia method is a tool that empowers women to support each other towards achieving their goals while being part of a global community
PHILIA APP - The Future of Peer-to-Peer Coaching

Our Philia Product Specialists, in collaboration with our designers, have been working on building a progressive app. The Philia app can connect our global communities and allow each participant to feel connected and have access to permanent virtual empowerment. 

Future features include: 

Peer-to-Peer coaching sessions. This is not only a new step into personal instant coaching but also an innovative way to connect with other individuals around the world via shared mindsets and future projections. 

Events for Philia Members to meet new members and strengthen the Philia community. We have various types of meetings. Empowerment Brunches, Deep Talk Dinners, and other meeting events that offer a free and safe space for sharing, connecting, and empowering each other to become the leaders of our micro-communities (family, friends circles, working spaces). 

Also, the Philia app will allow you to connect to other members and see what they are up to. Share activities, time, and thoughts, brings people together and makes them feel valued and ready to face life from a standpoint of safety and full support. 

We are looking forward to our App and will keep you posted with our progress. Meanwhile, check our e-course and our events and claim your free space in a global community of changemakers. 

Article written by Cristina Burduja