My Career Path

The Future of Work

2 December 2018 , , Philia
women and expectations

A few days ago, we were invited to discuss “The Future of Work”.

Sure, #AI and #robotics will shape the future of work, but even more so, WE will shape the future. We think it is imperative for everyone to take up an active role in these times of rapid change. If you see trends or injustices you don’t like, do something about it! That’s exactly the spirit we felt in the room during the event. Such inspiring speakers! Some of us are working on creating more opportunities for minorities, some of us enabling social entrepreneurs and some creating safer spaces for employees. Together, we are stronger 🙂

Thanks to Kave Bulambo for organising such an amazing launch event for “My Career Path” and inviting us to represent We are Philia on the panel.

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