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Sustainable Empowerment through

Community-Driven Leadership

At Philia we believe in unlocking resourcefulness through conversations. Empowering conversations and the establishment of deep and meaningful connections with one’s peer coaching partner and the wider Philia Community are the way in which Philia promotes a revolution of community-focused leaders all around the world.

Empowering Conversations

Philia is empowering women with the mindset, inner tools and community to be their best selves.

(Participant Quote: Michela Fenech, Ashoka)


Systemic Change

Why a social business? Social businesses are grass roots movements that are empowered at heart because of exactly having a business mindset paired with a focus on social impact. Philia is a prime example for this: Does Philia make money? Yes. Does Phlia have a social impact? Yes!

Discovering impACT Berlin

impACT through Social Entrepreneurship

Supporting a global entrepreneurial movement

The aim of the impACT movement is to produce sustainable solutions to major social challenges; especially challenges in fragile states. Find out more

Inspired by Tom’s Shoes

For every online course we sell, a free licence goes to a pair of woman with a financially challenged background who would benefit from Philia.



Philia values strong partnerships. We taught leadership workshops to female staff members at ehealth Africa, a Nigeria-based health organisation, to women that met weekly at the mindspace facilities in Berlin, Germany, to female students at the American University of Afghanistan as well as female entrepreneurs at Startup Valley, an incubation centre located in Kabul. Some of these initiatives were undertaken out of our own efforts and free for all participants to attend. We find it important that all women are free to join, if they find the Philia Leadership Programme useful.

eHealth Africa
eHealth Africa brings new approaches to the development of people centric and data driven technology solutions.
Mindspace provides beautiful and inspiring workspaces for teams of all sizes.
Startup Valley
Startup Valley is an incubator for women by AGHAEZ and USAID based in Kabul, Afghanistan.
American University of Afghanistan
AUAF is Afghanistan’s first private, not-for-profit institution of higher education.

herCAREER is the comprehensive career fair for graduates, women specialists and executives, and female founders.

Friedrich Ebert Foundation

FES is a German political foundation dedicated to the promotion of international dialogue and social justice.

Peer coaching around the world

Peer coaching is being practiced on four continents around the world by women who believe in their communities and in cooperation.


With Philia we re-imagined leadership as a bottom up approach. Community based leadership that we teach through the method of peer coaching is at the heart of the Philia Project. When you are in touch with yourself and others you are a leader that we want to push and support with Philia. Skills  you learn include, among others, acquiring the art of genuine cooperation, impactful communication, firm honesty and authentic empathy. Philia promotes these traits so valuable for modern leaders through peer coaching. By studying the technique of having truly empowering conversations with one another, leadership skills mentioned above are acquired by Philia Participants all around the world.

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