Philia on the “Female Leadership” Panel

Purpose Summit

2 June 2018 , , Philia

This June, Philia was invited to speak on the panel on “Female Leadership” at the Purpose Summit Berlin. The summit is part of an international event series that aims to help people find their life’s purpose. What is more, it allows participants to network with a like-minded community of change-makers, social entrepreneurs and spiritual activists from around the world.

Apart from us, the panel consisted of a number of inspiring women: Gaby Haiber (FemmeQ), Jenny Ciucci (Children’s Future International), Jasmeen Hana (Egyptian School of Temple Arts). The panel was facilitated by Andrea Dennis, one of the core team members of the Purpose Summit.

The discussion was mainly focussed on different aspects of power and womanhood. The discussion touched on ways in women have been and still are suppressed and different areas. Can a balance between men and women as well as femininity and masculinity can be created? The audience got involved in the discussion and it became clear that in order to create a true balance, men need to get engaged as much as women. Stereotypes that men face are also a barrier to true equality, as the stereotypes that women fight against. It also became clear that a discussion on feminine leadership needs a lot of clarity in terms of definitions because it is easy to confuse gender equality with notions of femininity and masculinity. The two ideas are linked, but far from being the same thing.