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Philia Facebook Page Launch

17 June 2017 , , Philia

We launched our Philia Facebook Page. Our initial aim was to get 100 people from our inner circles to like our page. Though, now we are proud to say that after not even two weeks over 400 individuals already gave the Philia Project a thumbs up!

Setting Philia up during the past months has already been such an amazing ride for us. It all started with a little idea between two friends that exploded into a mission for a feminine revolution world-wide.

Reaching out to our networks has showered us and the Philia Project with a lot of love and we want to thank each and every single one of you for making it possible to reconnect. There was so much praise for the idea and the look of the website and we want to thank you guys so much for that. Further, we are so thankful for all of you, who offered their help and support. We believe in the creation of networks and collaboration and together with all of you and especially with our pilot groups from all around the world we steadily enhance the Philia Project.

Oftentimes Facebook is a platform where people post content instantaneously, without pausing for one moment to reflect. The internet has made it possible to voice one’s moods and opinions right away. In the past when people wrote letters they took time to write and reflect and also the newspaper only came out each morning and not instantaneously.

Philia is a programme that supports and promotes healthy dialogue and supportive communication between friends. One important aspect for us is using the pause to reflect. We live in a time of clutter when it comes to information and communication. This is why we decided to start out inviting the people we admire, the people who are closest to us and who we know have the Philia mindset.

With our Facebook page and on our website we want to add content that is not sent from a place of rush but a place of groundedness.

Hence, yes, Facebook can be a forum for heated and unuseful debates but it can also be a place for shared visions and support.

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