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29 October 2017 , , Philia
Being a total Badass
Philia in Style

Website Relaunch

“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change.”


Here at Philia, we take this quote serious. We are constantly improving our overall strategy and the Philia Online Course. The course introduces all participants to the powerful art of peer coaching. Everyday, we learn new insights that we incorporate in our work.

Recently, we felt that it time has come for a major website update. First and foremost, we exchanged all those stock photos for pictures that we took during a photo shoot with the fabulous photographer Janina Steinmetz. See more of her work on

In addition to that, we added a section on the social impact of our work. Through equipping participants with feminine leadership skills. Since we see Philia as a social enterprise, we felt that it is important to give this aspect of our work more room. Check out the page to read more about our views on sustainable international development, our project partners and about systemic change:

You can now also find a page dedicated to our work with private clients. Here you find all information about our online course and our international community of ambitious women:

Last but not least, you should check out our “Let’s Meet” page, where you can find information about events that we organise as well as events that we participate in as speakers. The events are truly international: Some of them took place in Germany, others in France, Nigeria and Afghanistan: 

Enjoy our new page! Feedback is always welcome. If you want to contribute ideas for further website updates, please shoot us an email at

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