Philia in Paris

Are you curious what the Philia online course has to offer?

Check out what our inspiring participants Laetitia Veriter and Amandine Viguié say about their experience:

“Thanks to the amazing Philia programme, we meet every week in Paris for our coaching sessions over coffee. We carefully follow the instructions and have the feeling that our minds are getting clearer every week. The Philia journey enables us to define our goals and to challenge ourselves. Furthermore, each lesson is a surprise and an adventure and the different exercises are really eye-opening! We are sure that all those inspiring sessions will help us grow, become a Philia Warrior and help other women become Philia themselves! After our weekly coaching, we usually go to a yoga class, to balance our bodies after having balanced our minds!  Laetitia and I are long-time friends and European Affairs / Communications Professionals and we more and more feel like the world is ours