Peer Coaching for Women in Kano

Philia goes Nigeria

7 June 2017 , , Philia

A few weeks back, we finally launched our first Women’s Empowerment Class in Kano, Nigeria. Or, as we like to put it, Philia was born. We have been working on the concept and contents of the course for many months, but we hadn’t actually taught the method to anybody yet.

As fate would have it, the organisation that Tanja was working for this spring (eHealth Africa / eHA), had set “women’s empowerment” as one of their strategic goals for 2017. As soon as Tanja learned about this coincidence, she approached the HR manager and proposed to let her run a weekly peer coaching group for female employees of eHA. She and her colleagues got fairly excited about the idea and soon after we kicked off our first session.

What can we say? It was an amazing experience to finally see other women coach each other and benefit from our ideas. The group consists of eight women with five different nationalities (Nigerian, Lebanese, Jordanian, Indian and American), which means we’re not only putting theory into practice, but we have also already started to build the global community that we aim to create through Philia. A first step towards our big vision!

Stay tuned to hear more about Tanja’s experiences in Nigeria!

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