Philia Family

The Philia Family

Written by: Philia
23 April 2018

We have Philia Hotspots all around the globe: in Berlin, Paris, London, Kabul, Delhi and Abuja. All around the world there is a Philia that is looking forward to connecting with you in person. Our Philia members know this and have started …

A New Type of Fashion Marketing

Written by: Philia
20 February 2018

The fashion industry has received a lot of criticism for their advertising strategies in recent years. On the one hand, employing super skinny models has been raised as an issue, especially in relation to eating disorders of models themselves and the risk …

Speak YOUR truth!

Written by: Philia
26 January 2018

Philia supports you to support yourself and others around you; especially your best friend. We asked Kyla Mitsunga a question: What is feminine leadership? Kyla is a happiness coach from Korea. She taught at Harvard University and Yonsei University in Korea. The …

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