Meet Cindy!

The Philia Family is Growing

11 July 2017 , , Philia

The Philia Family grew by one more member: Cindy Eyang-Biteghe. We are stoked that she will support Philia with her amazing spirit, with her insightful ideas and with her unique drive to work towards the creation of a new community where empowerment and abundance thinking is the norm.

Philia is a concept that creates sisterhood between women. Tanja and Nicole both grew up without any siblings. Through the Philia programme they reached a level of sisterhood that was new to them. Sisterhood means mutual support through good times and bad times.

First of all things, Cindy will be doing the 20-week Philia online course. The course consists of weekly reading materials as well as inspiring exercises and a peer coaching sessions. As one of the pilots, Cindy and her friend Sophie will be informing you on her progress and what the course is all about.

Do you want to get to know Cindy closer? We asked her a few questions:

What does Women’s Empowerment mean to you?

Cindy: Women’s Empowerment means taking responsibility for your own life and showing other people how to do so as well.

Yes, for me women’s empowerment means sorority, sisterhood and lifting other women up. When we don’t compete, then we create a culture where everyone can make it, where everyone is entitled to thrive and reach success and happiness; whatever that means for the individual person.

I am a strong believer in the idea that my circumstances neither define me nor do they define what I can achieve. Life can be unfair. But you’re the only one that can make your life what you want it to be.

In your personal life, where do you see room for improvement when it comes to the notion of sisterhood and mutual support between women?

Cindy: I see room for improvement with my own mother and sisters first. Then with my friends too.

I can be tough and harsh sometimes, not understanding why someone would let herself live a life they don’t want. It is easy to forget at times that we are not built the same, don’t want the same things and perceive life differently.  

I used to have that bad habit of talking more than I listened, but I have that under control now and I swear, everyday  I would think to myself,

“Remember: Two ears, one mouth, be quick to listen and slow to speak.”

What is your vision for yourself and your work with Philia?

Cindy: My vision for my work with Philia is to have more people join us. I want to learn new things and meet great women while working for Philia. I want to engage in discussing their views on their own life and on life in general.

I love deep conversations between women about life topped with good wine (after all I am French). That will also do as a vision for myself. Ha!

Are you as inspired by Cindy as we are? Do you want to become part of the Philia Team? 

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