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Women's Empowerment Workshops

Philia Women’s Empowerment Workshops are usually organised together with an organisation. This could be a university, a corporation, a co-working space or else. Some of the programmes are facilitated by the respective organisation so that friends sign up themselves and register individually for the programme. Other Workshops are given to the precise target population and/or staff members of the organisations we work with.

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You Learn

Philia Women’s Empowerment Workshops happen on a weekly basis and take one and a half hour per session. The workshops are very interactive. So, we only teach small to medium size groups (max. 20 women). Each workshop consists of 45 minutes of one-to-one peer coaching that the women do in pairs and 45 minutes of engaging teaching and classroom discussions. We offer both in-person workshops and virtual workshops, depending on the needs of our clients.

Empowerment through Connection

By learning Philia’s unique communication skills you learn how to have supportive and encouraging conversations with your coaching partner. You will learn how to be a good listener and how to give constructive feedback.

Empowerment through Introspection

The weekly progress sheets guide you towards yourself and create continuity in the achievement of your goals and creating the life you want. It helps you reflect on what really matters to you and gain clarity on your true values and beliefs.

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