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E-Learning Course

The Philia e-learning course consists of inspiring course materials for 20 weeks. Each week, your staff members or target audience together with their peer coaching partner will spend 30-60 minutes on reading and listening to insightful contents on personal development, communication skills and peer coaching. The thought-provoking exercises will help the implementation of the learnings from each week. And – most importantly – the participants will spend one hour per week together doing a peer coaching session.

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Independent Learning

20-week Programme

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Weekly Peer Coaching Sessions

Week by week the Philia E-Learning Course guides all participants towards coaching one another successfully, whether they are physically together or work and live apart. All women will learn how to give constructive feedback and how to ask the right questions that help their partner to find her own true voice.

Philia Readings and Exercises

In the course materials participants will get to read deep yet practical texts on topics such as goal setting, listening skills and growth mindset. All the course materials are based on Tanja and Nicole’s personal experiences. What is more, there are fun exercises that help all women to integrate the Philia learnings into their everyday life.