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E-Learning Course

The Philia E-Learning Course is a 20-week programme that includes reading materials, audios and activities. Furthermore, the participants will track their progress and report to each other during a weekly coaching session.

Women’s Empowerment Groups

The Women Empowerment Groups are courses that are taught weekly via Skype or in person. They last one hour. The coaching will take place during the sessions and participants will get access to course materials and activities.

How does it work?

The Four Step Philia Process

Mentorship and coaching become more and more important in organisational contexts. Often, traditional approaches are not very sustainable and create dependency issues between colleagues. However, Philia offers an innovative solution to this.  Here is how it works:
1. Lectures
The course material will be taught to the participants.
2. Peer Coaching
The participants coach each other.
3. Implementation
The participants learn how to track their own process during the week.
4. Success
The participants experience significant changes in their lives.
On three



In Nigeria we are currently implementing the Women’s Empowerment Workshop in the NGO e-Health Africa.


In Afghanistan we are offering Women’s Empowerment Workshops for aspiring female entrepreneurs together with AGHAEZ.


In Germany we are offering Women’s Empowerment Workshops for interested women together with Mindspace.


Once the initial 20-week course is completed, graduates have the option of continuing the coaching by themselves or proceeding to our advanced course materials.


Firstly, we deliver a vast range of course materials on personal development. You can either choose our standard teaching materials or we can develop organisation-tailored materials, depending on your specific needs. Secondly, we provide progress reports which participants will use to track their goals, successes and barriers. The progress reports will increase in complexity throughout the programme.

Executive Summary

Information for HR and Programme Managers


Philia is a truly sustainable approach to women’s empowerment. Philia will enable your staff members and/or targeted programme population to rely on each other in order to reflect on challenges and develop strategies to overcome any adversity. 

Financial Commitment

We have different prices depending on group size and mode of course delivery. Please get in touch for further information.

Time Commitment

Participants will spend 60 minutes per week in the Philia Training Sessions. In addition to these sessions, participants will need approximately 30-60 minutes every week to fill in the progress report and revise the relevant course materials.

Stats, Facts and Figures

Why we do what we do!

All over the world, women experience various disadvantages in terms of human rights as well as economic opportunities. The degree of inequality differs, but nevertheless it is undeniable that it is a global issue. Philia is a programme that strengthens women’s networks by teaching an effective and sustainable peer coaching process in various nations. Our mission is to overcome gender inequality through women’s empowerment by changing their mindsets and providing community support.  Further facts and figures can be found here.
47.1 %

Female employment-to-population ratio *2013


Fewer hours per day devoted to market activities by women


Extra hours women devote to housework compared to men


Economies in which husbands can object to their wives working

60-75 %

Percentage of men's wages earned by women

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