Momentum: Happening to you or created by you?

4 July 2017 , , Philia
Nicole Bogott

Philia is a mindset. In our blog we want to share with you snippets of insights we discovered in our Philia sessions. Momentum is a topic that came up again and again.

Each of us has probably experienced it before: Being in Flow. Flow is the feeling when a habit is very present in our life. This makes it easy to keep it up and hence to be productive. Generally, we call this “having momentum”. Momentum can be found across many areas of our life, such as sport workouts, relationships, work habits, meal routines and so on.

Now is momentum something that happens to us or something that we create ourselves?

Tanja experienced momentum many times before. But only very recently, she realised how momentum works. She used to see momentum as something that happens to her. She even used to say that she is a person who goes through phases. A few years ago, she went through a “running” phase and trained for a half marathon, going on long morning runs pretty much every morning. And then she would occasionally go through a “meditation” phase in which she would meditate for half an hour every day.

So, interestingly in her own perception, she felt that she went through phases of momentum related to these activities. Though, she didn’t feel that she was the one who is in charge. The momentum would come and then it would disappear again.

But then we discussed this topic in one of our Philia Peer Coaching Sessions and she explained  that she was frustrated to never manage to maintain those nice running or meditation routines. Nicole suggested that Tanja needed to work on keeping up the momentum.

“And that’s when I got it! Although momentum might start quite miraculously by getting excited about i.e. a new sport, it is entirely up to us to let it cease or keep it up.“

So how do you keep up a momentum?

Quite simply by focussing on continuity. That means in order to maintain a running routine, you mustn’t take an unusually long break from running. Or to maintain a healthy eating habit, you have to continuously stick to the routine. No excuses. This might sound a little banal, but it isn’t. Because restarting the momentum is indefinitely greater than keeping up the momentum. In order to experience flow and not heaviness and struggle, you need to be continuously on it!

And that is exactly the secret to the success of our weekly Philia sessions. We experience extremely high momentum and we keep it up by our commitment not to miss even a single session. So far it has worked!

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