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Happy First Birthday, Philia

27 June 2017 , , Philia
Nicole Bogott

Wow! Exactly one year ago on June 27th 2016 we started our Philia journey and our lives have not been the same ever since.

Philia helped us grow on many levels: emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually.

When we first started, we were still overwhelmed by what life threw at us. Now, we are not overwhelmed at all. Instead, we are mostly appreciative and eager for more.

What did we learn through Philia?

There were three things that became crystal clear:

  1. Life’s ups and downs happen no matter what. Both, rewarding and painful moments, will always exist.
  2. The way you deal with life is your ultimate power. Pain is certain, suffering is optional. No matter what happens, you always have the choice to turn lemons into lemonade.
  3. With a Philia we are more centered and life is most of all more FUN! We actively create an amazing  life.

For us Philia has been so much fun. We found amazing analogies by acting like detectives finding out how life works.

To give you some concrete examples: In the beginning we found ourselves often in chimp mode – a concept we adopted from Steve Peters – which explains the state of mind that is dominated by urgency, emotions and black/white thinking. Whereas we used to have a lot of emotional emergency situations in the past, this hardly happens to us anymore.

To make one point clear. It’s not that our external situation has changed and therefore we have changed. It is our mindset that has changed and hence, our lives have changed.

Now over to you!

When you think back to your past self one year ago in summer 2016 – then who do you see? Do you remember who you were back then?

Sometimes answering this is tough because our memories are so fuzzy. Tracking our progress together with a trusted person for one year is something that hardly anyone does.

But we urge you to try it anyway.

  • Where were you one year ago – emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually?
  • What challenges did you face? Are they still your challenges or did you overcome them?
  • What dreams did you have? Are they still your dreams or did they become reality?
  • Did you grow or is your life still the same?

Do these questions make you realise that you are stuck in a particular situation?

If so, let us tell you: We know this feeling all too well.

But for us, there is a life changing way out. And this is the Philia process.

We are not alone in this thing called life. There are many topics that we are shameful of. There are many topics we hardly acknowledge towards ourselves. But hearing from our Philia how she is dealing with her life and what challenges she faces and being there for her in the process of growth is a very fulfilling and beautiful experience.

We want a circle of women who feel the same and widen their scope in becoming the fullness of what is within them. Not just to have dreams, but to turn them into reality. Not just to whine and complain, but to support one another in the process to overcome any adversity that life brings.

This is the beauty of Philia! Happy First Birthday!!! May many more follow!

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