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The Global Philia Network is a community-driven platform for women from all over the world; including conflict and post-conflict settings. The Philia Project is all about learning, connecting and sharing. Events and lectures that we give are on topics such as “Empowering Conversations” and “Female Leadership in Conflict Zones“. Workshops and Seminars that last for a few hours or even over a sequence of several weeks are on Philia Peer Coaching related topics such as the art of listening and giving feedback and the development of a growth mindset and abundance thinking.


Philia values strong partnerships. We taught leadership workshops to female staff members at ehealth Africa, a Nigeria-based health organisation, to women that met weekly at the mindspace facilities in Berlin, Germany, to female students at the American University of Afghanistan as well as female entrepreneurs at Startup Valley, an incubation centre located in Kabul. Some of these initiatives were undertaken out of our own efforts and free for all participants to attend. We find it important that all women are free to join, if they find the Philia Leadership Programme useful.

eHealth Africa
eHealth Africa brings new approaches to the development of people centric and data driven technology solutions.
Mindspace provides beautiful and inspiring workspaces for teams of all sizes
Startup Valley
Startup Valley is an incubator for women by AGHAEZ and USAID based in Kabul, Afghanistan.
American University of Afghanistan
AUAF is Afghanistan’s first private, not-for-profit institution of higher education.
herCAREER is the comprehensive career fair for graduates, women specialists and executives, and female founders.
Friedrich Ebert Foundation
FES is a German political foundation dedicated to the promotion of international dialogue and social justice.

Talks and Lectures

In events and lectures we guide you towards yourself and towards creating continuity in the achievement of your goals and creating the life you want. It helps you reflect on what really matters to you and gain clarity on your true values and beliefs.

Workshops and Seminars

During workshops and seminars you learn Philia’s unique communication skills and how to have supportive and encouraging conversations with your coaching partner. You will learn how to be a good listener and how to give constructive feedback.

Philia Participants

What they say

Coming together to share ideas helped me to increase my self-confidence.

– Nabila –

Thanks to peer coaching I am more open to criticism and take feedback positively.

– Fatme –

As a result of the Philia Peer Coaching Workshop I focus more on myself and my life and my own goals.

– Frozan –

The Philia Workshop provided an opportunity to build friendships in a relaxed and understanding atmosphere.

– Stephanie –

Peer Coaching forced me to face my fears and make positive steps to reaching what I wanted to reach.

– Alex –

The Philia Workshop helped me to take a step back and analyse my life.

– Fatimah –

Through my participation in the Philia Women’s Empowerment Workshops I enhanced my personal relationships.

– Yasaman –

The Philia Workshop helped me figure out my weaknesses and motivated me to achieve my goals in a certain time frame.

– Zakiya –

Philia brought positive changes into my life and my interactions with others.

– Shekiba –

Women tend to have similar problems regardless of culture and background, we are all very similarly connected.

– Layal –

Since I learned how to set goals properly and review the progress regularly, I feel much more productive and stay focused.

– Simone –

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