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Weekend Getaway

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Philia on Holiday

Weekend Getaways

Our core motto is “Have fun with it”! This is also the reason why we decided to take Philia out of the classroom / laptop and into the nature. Our weekend getaways combine all the important contents from other Philia formats with lots of great company, relaxation and uplifting activities such as yoga and writing classes.

You can learn more about the daily schedule and the location on the individual pages for each trip. See bottom of this page.

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You and your best friend on

An Unforgettable Trip

Laughter and Insights

By learning Philia’s unique communication skills you learn how to have supportive and encouraging conversations with your best friend. What is more, you will meet other amazing women who are all eager to take the next step in their career and their personal lives. Together, you will empower each other to reach your goals and become a true Philia sister!

Relaxation and Learning

During the Weekend Getaway you and your friend escape for three days. You escape your hectic lives and embark on the journey within and towards one another. The beautiful nature of our trip location will help you to unplug from your everyday stress and gain a different perspective on your daily struggles. You will go home with a sense of calm and determination.

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Weekend Get Away Paris, France