Community-Driven Leadership

The Philia Project


Leadership Skills

Philia is a Leadership Programme that is being implemented by impactful women word-wide. Our participants strengthen leadership attributes such as honesty, empathy, communication and collaboration by learning the unique Philia Peer Coaching Method: Symbiotic Coaching.

Symbiotic Coaching has been developed by Philia Founders Tanja Schomann and Nicole Bogott. The weekly 60 minute high-intensity course teaches the foundations towards conducting empowering conversations.

By joining the Philia Project you are in for a marathon; not a sprint. The Philia Lessons vary weekly and the constant shock and change to your routine will get the results you really want to see in your life and your community.

Why is Philia more effective than most other programmes? Simply, because you are not doing it alone. You are doing it together with your Philia Partner! If you are up for a determined shift and ready to learn the tools it takes to create that shift then you are in the right place.

Once you acquire the Philia Mindset you gain access to the supportive Global Philia Community. We are a strong network of empowered women, who have done the intensive 20 week Philia Course and advanced their personal and professional lives together. Mutual support and sisterhood are core values of the Philia Project.

Reach Your Personal Goals

Reach your personal goals faster, more efficiently and while having fun!

Gain Sustainable Support

With Philia you and your friend create a bond deeper than you have ever had before. Try it out. You will be amazed.

Join the Global Movement

There are Philia Participants in all parts of the world. Join the movement.

We are ambitious women who go the extra mile. We are supportive of each other and care for having an impact in our communities. We want to make the world a better place. We are Philia. Are you one of us?

Are you one of us?

The Art of

Empowering Conversations


As women, we face a myriad of expectations from society, family and friends. The Philia Programme will help you to identify your own goals. You will learn to follow your true inner calling.

Growth mindset

One of our core beliefs is that any goal can be reached as long as you trust your own ability to grow and to acquire new skills.


No life comes without its own unique challenges. No personal development programme can eliminate those challenges. Philia will enable you to stay calm and deal effectively with any adversity.

Listening and Feedback

Being able to listen and give appropriate feedback is not only the backbone of being a coach to your programme partner, it will also have a positive impact on any other relationship.

Being Non-Judgemental

Being non-judgemental is the key to helping each other open up about any challenge we face.


Setting goals is one thing, reaching goals is yet another. Throughout the Philia Programme, you will be equipped with a trustworthy partner who will hold you accountable to your progress.
Independent Learning

With the powerful Philia Peer Coaching Method you and your friend SUCCEED together.

Join the beautiful

Global Philia Community

“We enjoy the inspiring modules and conversations, aha moments and tuning into our visions during the weekly calls. We have met when Kristin lived in Rwanda and have been friends ever since.”

– Pearl and Kristin –


“We want to learn to truly co-exist in a female environment, be open, hold space for one another and, eventually, thrive. The generation we belong to is hungry to succeed in a sustainable way.”

– Pavla and Vladi –


“Our minds are getting clearer every week. The Philia journey enables us to define our goals and to challenge ourselves. Each lesson is a surprise and an adventure and the different exercises are really eye opening!

– Amandine and Laeticia –


“Finding out more about and being able to support a friend in a much more intense context than in “daily life” is a wonderful and enriching experience.”

– Paula and Steffi –


“The weekly calls made us realise things about ourselves and each other, which we probably otherwise would have been blind to. Most importantly Philia made us love and respect each other more!”

– Anantika and Chitrangna –


“Every week things are throwing themselves at you; good and bad. But you know there always comes Friday when you meet someone who knows who you are and where you are going and helps you sort it out, as well as you help her. Its soothing.”

– Giulia and Michela –


Empowering Conversations

Being able to have empowering conversations is a true art. Through Philia friends master this art with peer coaching so that they can support one another in ways that are truly transforming their lives.

Free Session

You and your Philia Partner will take part in the Philia Welcome Call with Tanja and Nicole.


We will guide you through the payment process.


We will send you further details on the coaching course and the community activities via email.


You and your Philia Partner get access to the course and you can start the Bootcamp Training Programme!