Men as Allies

Written by: Philia
14 April 2020
Men as Allies, Male Advocates

Philia’s global discussion over the month of March was in regards to “Inviting Men as Allies to the discussion on Women Empowerment”.  Philia communities in Berlin, Paris, Hamburg, Istanbul and Kabul met to discuss how to let men in without losing ourselves. …

Workshop Intensive in Kabul, Afghanistan

Written by: Philia
8 March 2020

Together with the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation Philia delivered the third part of its Workshop Intensive for Empowerment and Leadership. The group of Afghan women, who are part of the FES Young Leaders Forum took part in this programme for a three year period starting …


Written by: Philia
28 February 2020

Philia’s global discussion over the month of February, the month of love, was self-love. Philia Communities host meetups all around the world. In Lisbon, Dubai, Berlin, Paris, Istanbul and Kabul we discussed last month what it means to love ourselves, why and …

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