Women in Leadership

Written by: Philia
7 April 2019

Philia offers a support system for women globally. In our monthly brunch series we highlight topics that are vital for women all over the world. This month in Istanbul we discussed the topic: “Women in Leadership” The women that gathered were from …

Conquering Fear

Written by: Philia
2 March 2019

Conquering #Fear – #Istanbul Edition – on Women’s #Empowerment! ⁣⁣Philia hosted it’s brunch format in Istanbul last weekend. It was a great experience! 🌟🇹🇷 The topic fear resonated with all of us and it was such a pleasure to take away some key insights. Here some of them: …

Philia in Rome

Written by: Philia
7 January 2019

Startups without Borders, headed by Valentina Primo organised a meetup in Rome and Philia was present!!! The meetup was aimed at sparking connections and interesting discussions between women who are entrepreneurs, independent professionals, or simply active power-women striving to network!