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24 October 2018 , , Philia
herCAREER with Philia

Powerful #you – powerful #peers – powerful #community <3

Earlier this week, our co-founder Tanja had the lovely opportunity to speak at SenseCamp Berlin 2018 – Global Goals and share some reflections. The theme of her talk was to bridge the external with the internal reality. What is meant by that? We are more and more convinced that you can’t have a lasting social #impact in the world (external) if you haven’t figured out your own life (internal). Therefore, before you go around telling people what’s wrong about their lifestyle, worldview, business practices you need to look at yourself.

The keyword here is #sustainability. The aim of social entrepreneurship is to come up with sustainable business models. That’s where it is different from traditional charity work. Again – how can any social enterprise be sustainable, if the people running it don’t lead a sustainable lifestyle that allows them to be healthy, productive and inspired?

At Philia, we basically tackle this topic in 3 stages. We first look at the individual, set goals and determine barriers. Then, we look at immediate peer groups. How can we create a trusting environment, in which people can share vulnerabilities and support each other? Lastly, we look at the community that we operate in (medium and large scale). How can we establish shared values? How can we deal with challenging group dynamics? Only if we master all three levels, we can expect to create a lasting social impact. At least in our opinion 😉 Curious to hear your views!