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Loneliness vs Aloneness in times of COVID-19 and beyond

Aloneness feels draining, distracting, and upsetting. It is a force into isolation when you are not understood or isolated in your circumstances. It is a state of mind. The central theme of Philia’s global discussion in May 2020 was Loneliness vs Aloneness – In times of COVID-19 and beyond.  Philia communities host meetups all around …

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Men as Allies

Philia’s global discussion over the month of March was in regards to “Inviting Men as Allies to the discussion on Women Empowerment”.  Philia communities in Berlin, Paris, Hamburg, Istanbul and Kabul met to discuss how to let men in without losing ourselves. We asked ourselves: Can we do it alone or are we better together …

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Philia’s global discussion over the month of February, the month of love, was self-love. Philia Communities host meetups all around the world. In Lisbon, Dubai, Berlin, Paris, Istanbul and Kabul we discussed last month what it means to love ourselves, why and when we stop loving ourselves and why loving ourselves is vital in order …

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The year has started off with a great theme: Solidarity. Each month in our meetups, we discuss one topic all around the world. You have not seen your city on the list of our meetups? Contact us and start a Philia Community where you live. The Philia Participants discussed the power of community and the …

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Women in Leadership

Philia offers a support system for women globally. In our monthly brunch series, we highlight topics that are vital for women all over the world. This month in Istanbul we discussed the topic: “Women in Leadership” The women that gathered were from a variety of backgrounds and shared a wealth of experiences.

Conquering Fear

Conquering Fear – Istanbul Edition – on Women’s Empowerment! ⁣⁣Philia hosted it’s brunch format in Istanbul last weekend. It was a great experience! The topic fear resonated with all of us and it was such a pleasure to take away some key insights. Here some of them: Fears are learned! We are not born with them. And this …

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Women and Anger

Happy times at our monthly brunch: This month’s topic? ANGER! Some key insights: Anger is not just negative, it also helps us to understand our own boundaries. It was very relieving to hear that we all have similar emotions, although our triggers and ways of dealing with it may differ. Lastly, we realised that it’s …

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Setting Boundaries

Setting Boundaries! Another month, another brunch! We were enjoying the good times with our Berlin meetup ladies. This time we discussed boundaries: In which areas do we find it easy to set them? In which areas harder? Who are the people that overstep boundaries and how to deal with it?