Business Leadership

Philia in Dubai

As part of impACT’s consortium, Philia met up in Dubai in order to support the SDGs through social entrepreneurship worldwide. Together with the other key organisations Kabul Book Club, AGHAEZ and WonderEd from the colleagues in Beirut, Lebanon and Kabul, Afghanistan the new year of growing Philia’s impACT initiative was discussed. A road map was …

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Body and Boundaries

Sometimes it’s useful to switch off rational reasoning and to tune into body intelligence. Especially when it comes to sensing when someone overstepped your boundaries. That’s one of the things we practised during last week’s workshop. It was a real deep dive into the topic of „healthy boundaries“.  Christina taught us how to listen to …

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Let’s talk Periods

Women‘s empowerment entails a large spectrum of topics. Today was the first time that we organised an event on women’s hormonal health rather than lofty topics like personal growth. What’s the empowerment aspect of hormonal health? Understanding your own body and menstrual cycle allows you to take charge of lifestyle choices that impact on your wellbeing. It’s …

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Inspiring impACT Berlin

impACT Berlin – Day 2 Inspiring impACT Berlin had three components. The Berlin ecosystem tour, the conference day and the un-conference day. International guests were flown into Berlin in order to strengthen the global (social) startup ecosystem. By bringing together relevant stakeholders. Our holistic approach enhances existing top down and bottom up structures alike.  The impACT …

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Discovering impACT Berlin

impACT Berlin – Day 1 Philia is a founding organisation of impACT. impACT is a global entrepreneurial movement solving major social challenges; especially in fragile contexts. In November 2017, impACT took place in Berlin. Selected Afghan startup actors to meet the German social entrepreneurship scene through an ecosystem tour. Furthermore, this article discusses conference day …

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The Future of Development? Social Entrepreneurship!

Philia’s CEO Nicole has worked as a country director in Namibia. Prior to Philia she led a political foundation and gained valuable insights into the working of current practices of development cooperation and how that affects local NGOs.  Furthermore, her experiences in the sector-shaped her views on development deeply, leaving her with the question of …

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impACT Kabul

Being impactful: There is a reliable formula to it! On the 24th of August 2017, the impACT Kabul Conference was successfully launched at Safi Landmark Hotel in Kabul, Afghanistan. Philia is besides AGHAEZ and Kabul BookClub one of the co-founding organisations of this format. Why is Philia involved in the impACT initiative? Simply because impACT …

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