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Empowered despite rejection

Written by: Philia
15 May 2018

We organised another Philia Berlin Meetup. This time, we invited Christina Neumaier to give a workshop on the topic “How to stay empowered when feeling rejected”. Rejection is a common situation, yet it is one that is often kept private. Rarely do …

Empowerment through Music

Written by: Philia
27 April 2018

At Philia, the main approach towards women’s empowerment is our unique peer coaching method. We believe that weekly reflections on our goals, barriers and intentions can get us a long way. Add a community of strong and supportive women and you have …

A Female Definition of Success

Written by: Philia
21 April 2018

We hosted another Philia brunch in Berlin. The discussion topic was “Success”. Our participants brought up lots of interesting points that we would love to share with you. Everyone has their own definition of success. Our first goal was to find a …

A New Type of Fashion Marketing

Written by: Philia
20 February 2018

The fashion industry has received a lot of criticism for their advertising strategies in recent years. On the one hand, employing super skinny models has been raised as an issue, especially in relation to eating disorders of models themselves and the risk …

Creating impACT Berlin

Written by: Philia
24 November 2017

impACT Berlin – Day 3 One of the biggest priorities at impACT is to establish dialogue on eye level. What do we mean by that? Historically, international development was oftentimes an effort of rich Western countries to “save” less developed countries of …