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Women in Leadership

Written by: Philia
7 April 2019

Philia offers a support system for women globally. In our monthly brunch series we highlight topics that are vital for women all over the world. This month in Istanbul we discussed the topic: “Women in Leadership” The women that gathered were from …

Conquering Fear

Written by: Philia
2 March 2019

Conquering #Fear – #Istanbul Edition – on Women’s #Empowerment! ⁣⁣Philia hosted it’s brunch format in Istanbul last weekend. It was a great experience! 🌟🇹🇷 The topic fear resonated with all of us and it was such a pleasure to take away some key insights. Here some of them: …

Philia in Rome

Written by: Philia
7 January 2019

Startups without Borders, headed by Valentina Primo organised a meetup in Rome and Philia was present!!! The meetup was aimed at sparking connections and interesting discussions between women who are entrepreneurs, independent professionals, or simply active power-women striving to network!

Body and Boundaries

Written by: Philia
18 December 2018

Sometimes it’s useful to switch off rational reasoning and to tune into body intelligence. Especially when it comes to sensing when someone overstepped your boundaries. That’s one of the things we practiced during last week’s workshop 😍 It was a real deep dive …

Women and Expectations

Written by: Philia
16 December 2018

Another Sunday brunch with our lovely community in Berlin ❤️ This month‘s topic: dealing with expectations from family and friends. Key learnings: sometimes it can help to consciously surround yourself with people who‘s expectations are in line with your own and to avoid people …

The Future of Work

Written by: Philia
2 December 2018

A few days ago, we were invited to discuss “The Future of Work”. Sure, #AI and #robotics will shape the future of work, but even more so, WE will shape the future. We think it is imperative for everyone to take up an active role in …

Women Empowerment in Pakistan

Written by: Philia
21 November 2018

Did you know that impACT is a #consortium of #startups with a #social cause? In our international team we harness a wealth of expertise. One of the organisations that are part of impACT is We are Philia.  Co-Founders Tanja Schomann and Nicole Bogott teach a method that supports #women to identify their individual #goals and developed a technique for …

Let’s talk Periods

Written by: Philia
7 November 2018

Women‘s empowerment entails a large spectrum of topics. Today was the first time that we organised an event on women’s #hormonal #healthrather than lofty topics like personal growth. What’s the #empowermentaspect of hormonal health? Understanding your own body and menstrual cycle allows you to take …

Women and Anger

Written by: Philia
4 November 2018

Happy times at our monthly brunch 💕🥐☕️ This month’s topic: #ANGER Some key insights: Anger is not just negative, it also helps us to understand our own boundaries. It was very relieving to hear that we all have similar emotions, although our triggers and ways …