Tanja Schomann
Psychology Researcher

Hi, my name is Tanja

I like to describe myself as multifaceted. I always found it hard to focus all my attention and resources on one subject area and that is reflected both in my personal and professional life. Professionally, I am a social sciences researcher.

Currently, I am PhD student at Cambridge University. I hold an MSc in Social and Organisational Psychology from London School of Economics (LSE) as well as a BSc degree in International Management from European Business School (EBS).

In addition to my academic research, I have completed a vast amount of non-academic research projects for organisations such as IBM Research Africa, eHealth Africa, Africa’s Voices Foundation (in collaboration with UNICEF) and Medexo.

I am passionate about my research, because it has helped to improve healthcare delivery both in developed and developing countries. I am specifically interested in ehealth and its role in disrupting inefficiencies in the healthcare sector.

I’m an adventurer at heart and started traveling early on. I have visited a total of 35 countries and lived and worked in India, Kenya, Nigeria, UK, France and Germany. When I am not working or traveling, I enjoy creative projects such as photography, sculpting and writing. You can find my non-fiction articles, short stories and poems on www.thoughtsabout.life.

The last passion that I would like to mention is personal development. I feel especially close to Eastern traditions such as Yoga and meditation. The reason why Philia is so close to my heart is because it combines both my passion for psychology and my interest in personal development.