Nicole Bogott
Foreign Affairs Professional

Hi, my name is Nicole

I am an author and entrepreneur working in Afghanistan.

In my research I analyse power dynamics in the international context. My upcoming book on the topic of power and influence will be examining global social movements and give solutions towards the creation of the type of international system that is required to buffer the increased scale of citizen participation all over the world.

The foundations of my research stems from my studies. During my trilingual MA I focused on the topic of cosmopolitan democracy as a perspective for UN reform and during my BA in Development Economics and International Relations that I gained from universities in the United Kingdom, the U.S. and Turkey I looked at different approaches towards state and nation building.

Though, I deeply believe that theorising is simply not enough. As an entrepreneur I have the ambition to provide concrete solutions towards the issues I criticise. Some of them can be found in a new book I wrote on startups shaping the world. It will be published later this year. I have newly registered two companies. Philia operates out of Europe and W!N is registered in Southern Africa. Prior to that I worked in a variety of different contexts in international development and the media sectors.

On a personal level I am passionate about two things – traveling and people.

I love exploring new places: Breathing in new scents, seeing new architecture, tasting new flavours, feeling the wind, the sun and the rain on my skin in different parts of the world. These are tremendously sensual and exhilarating moments for me. Secondly, I just love connecting with people. I value creating meaningful bonds and exchanging thoughts with people from all walks of life.