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About Philia

Philia is a leadership programme that was started in January 2017. We developed a peer coaching method as an empowering tool for women to support each other towards reaching their goals. Philia is also a global community of women who are supporting each other through the Philia Peer Coaching Method.

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What’s in the name?

Philia is the Greek term for love. In addition to Philia, the Greeks defined three other types of love: Eros, Storge and Agape. Eros refers to passionate love. Storge is familial love such as the love between mother and child. Thirdly, Agape stands for the highest form of love, such as the universal love of God for man and of man for God. Philia is often translated as “sisterly love”. It is the benevolent love between two virtuous people, between true friends.

The Story behind


We are Tanja and Nicole. We are Philia. Philia is a state of being and the name of a fictional character that we created. When we first started coaching each other in 2016, we never had in mind to start a company or an e-learning course. Philia was born out of our own needs. We got together in a moment of despair and within a few months, we helped each other overcome great challenges and to reach our goals more efficiently than ever before. Our progress was so unexpectedly empowering that we decided to share our approach to coaching with the world. Both of us have successful careers outside the coaching world. Nicole as an entrepreneur and expert in International Relations and Tanja as a researcher in Social Psychology and Human Computer Interaction. But Philia is more than a business to us. It has become our way of life and we feel more than passionate about sharing it.

Social Enterprise Model

Buy One, Get One Free

Philia is a social enterprise and Tom’s Shoes inspired us that there is a better way to “buy one, get one free”. Philia gives everyone the opportunity to participate. For every paid participant, a less privileged person will get access to our course materials and also to the international network of successful and supportive women. Read more

The Philia Approach

In Detail

What is the Philia Project?
The Philia Project is a leadership programme based on a powerful peer coaching technique and for women that are looking to meet their full potential.
What are the outcomes of participating in the Philia Project?
Participating women identify personal goals in any area of life and harness the capability to achieve them. What is more, participants develop deeper connections to people through advanced communication and listening skills.
How does the programme work?
The programme consists of weekly training sessions, which are a mixture of peer coaching and personal development.
How are the materials delivered?

Our core product is an interactive 20-week e-learning course. For those of you that feel the need for more support in this process than the online course can offer, we have created a personal mentorship scheme in which Tanja or Nicole will teach you Philia materials via Skype or even in person.

Why is the Philia Project so sustainable?
Philia is a sustainable approach to personal development. In contrast to mentorship or traditional coaching, Philia does not create any dependence on external people. As soon as you and your programme partner have learned the method, you will be able to coach each other without any further investment. All you need is to partake in 20 weeks of weekly training sessions consisting of two hours per week for integrations work, reflection and learning.
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People behind Philia

The Team

Nicole Bogott is a foreign affairs professional researching power dynamics. Read more

Tanja Schomann is a psychology researcher focusing on improving healthcare delivery both in developed and developing countries. Read more

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