Hi, my name is Sundus

Marketing Manager

Sundus Dhadha is a digital marketing specialist and coach based in Istanbul. Business-minded partnerships and sales professional with a broad consumer marketing background. Well-versed in brand and passionate about audience and revenue growth. Her industry focus and interest lies at the intersection of client, money, tech, and coaching. Past experiences include a range of marketing, innovation, PR, business, development, real estate, investment management, start ups, travel, energy and psychology. 

Her work in business is reflected in her ability to continually tackle complex problems, uncover new insights and creative business opportunities, and drive a team of diverse perspectives along the way towards a unified vision.

Further, Sundus has developed two brands in the marketing solutions field: with DigitalFixer27, she provides small businesses and startups with complete virtual digital services. With the second one, youdabrand, she works as coach in personal branding.