Hi, my name is Natalya

Social Media Manager

Natalya Kamal is a Social Media Marketing Professional with 6+ years’ experience of working in both agency and brand environments in Islamabad and Lahore. In this role as Social Media Manager, Natalya’s main focus has been on social media content strategy, visual content creation & posting.

Natalya joined Philia because of her interest in female empowerment, personal development/ coaching and mental health. Currently Natalya founded Swatch Social, a social media agency which is exclusively focused on beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands. Swatch Social provides content creation, social media strategy and brand styling services.Prior to this, I worked at Luscious Cosmetics as the Digital Content Manager and in Advertising. She is interested in the future of social media, it’s implications on beauty and fashion, the evolution of the cosmetics industry and how cultural narratives impact the industry with particular regards to conscious and inclusive beauty.