Hi, my name is Nargis Ehsan

Programme Manager

Since the past two years, Nargis Ehsan has been a Chief Executive in a private consulting firm responsible for the management of the day to day operations of the company. She is also a partner at an e-commerce books shopping business named Kabulreads. She has worked as a Freelance Journalist collaborating with foriegn journalists in Afghanistan.

In this role as Programme Manager, Nargis Ehsan’s main focus has been on arranging Philia offline brunches in Kabul, providing workshops and writing for Website Blog posts.

Nargis  joined Philia because of her strong beliefs in equal rights for women – socially or politically. Prior to joining Philia, Nargis had worked as a coordinator for two international organisations (Alliance for International Women’s Rights and Pax Populi) in Kandahar providing young girls English language and Leadership lessons.