… our collaboration with Marie Jo

A New Type of Fashion Marketing

20 February 2018 , , Philia

The fashion industry has received a lot of criticism for their advertising strategies in recent years. On the one hand, employing super skinny models has been raised as an issue, especially in relation to eating disorders of models themselves and the risk of triggering eating disorders in young women. On the other hand, fashion advertising has been criticised for objectifying women and reducing them to appear as mere pretty dolls. But does fashion advertising have to have these negative sides? Some fashion companies are actively trying to challenge the status quo of advertising, amongst them Marie Jo.

When Marie Jo first approached PHILIA to join one of their marketing campaigns, we were sceptical. The aforementioned points of criticism came to our mind and we were not willing to support a mainstream fashion campaign. But Marie Jo had a pretty out-of-the-box approach in mind: Instead of showcasing their clothes on skinny models, they were looking to portray #everydayheroines. The concept is to shoot 1.5 minutes clips of women, who inspire. The portrayed women are from all walks of life: Marie Jo featured a yoga teacher, a female entrepreneur, a women’s right activist, a ballerina and many more. After seeing some of the final clips, we were hooked: This is a campaign that we were happy to contribute to with our brand.

What Marie Jo did in relation to their #everydayheroine campaign is very close to our own PHILIA philosophy. Instead of focussing on their company’s own successes and clothes, Marie Jo decided to hold space for the women who wear their fashion. With very little own branding, they spent money and resources to capture women’s stories and ambitions. The main focus is inspiration, not sales. This kind of marketing reduces hierarchies and gives the voice to the consumers. Marie Jo openly acknowledges that in order to be an inspiration, you don’t need to have the perfect weight or the perfect style. What matters is your authenticity and your willingness to follow your authenticity.

What’s in it for Marie Jo? The company benefits from the strong stories of the featured women. Their faces and achievements will be associated with Marie Jo as a brand that listens and holds space.

At PHILIA, we are happy to support them in their mission and hopefully inspire some women with our own story that you can find out more about in the video – the result of our collaboration.