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Responsibilities, overwhelm, showing up in the world. Life can feel pretty daunting at times. Knowing how to show up is key to a purposeful life and sometimes all that is missing is the right tool and support. By joining the Philia Project you gain inner strength and foster meaningful connections that help you stay on track and being accountable to yourself and others.
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The Philia Method is a globally tried and tested peer coaching technique. During weekly 1h Philia Sessions, you experience the beautiful process of witnessing someones else’s journey while having your Philia Partner witness yours. You gain new perspectives and insights specific to you every week.

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The Philia Project is present in many places all around the world. The Philia Project is the space to declutter and re-gain clarity through empowering conversations. No one needs to do this all alone. The Philia Support Network is a fun enabler to fully show up as your best self. Find out where our Philia Participants are located. Want to find out whether we are hosting Philia Network events in your city?
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Why is Philia more effective than most other programmes? Simply, because you are not doing it alone. You are doing it together with your Philia Partner! If you are up for a determined shift and ready to learn the tools it takes to create that shift then you are in the right place.
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Experience the power of Philia Peer Coaching right now and sign up to the Philia e-Course. This is the best way to get started today. Weekly readings, videos and exercises help you learn the Philia Method and transform your life.
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Learn more about the power of peer support. Attend an Empowerment Meetup, a Leadership Workshop or join the Global Philia Retreat. Join the global conversation on empowerment!
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