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The Philia Project

The Philia Project believes that leadership comes from authenticity and that authenticity can developed as a result of meaningful connections. All of the Philia Project’s components are geared towards this unique leadership approach. You could say that Philia is the bottom up approach to leadership. We want to challenge you on the traditional notions of what it means to lead and to be authentic so that you an lead by being in touch with yourself and your community.

Celebrating Connections

We foster the art of peer to peer support in various ways. By learning the art of peer coaching, women not only boost their own personal development, but also develop leadership skills that incorporate dialogue and mutual understanding. Philia members support each other in reaching their individual goals as well as enabling spillover effects on entire communities.
The Global Leadership Movement

We are Philia

Philia is a global community of women who ambitiously create the change they want to see in the world. There are various ways in which you can participate in the Philia Project: through our online course, in our workshops, get-aways and our local Meetup chapters that are present all around the globe. We work with individuals as well as organisations; especially in conflict and post-conflict areas that offer the Philia teachings to their staff or beneficiaries.
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What is peer support?

Philia teaches the reciprocal process of empowering and being empowered. The programme not only helps you to achieve your own goals, but it also teaches you how to support others in their growth through which you experience a sense of community and cooperation.
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Workshops & E-Learning

The Project
The Philia Project is a Coursera-style 20-week programme that you complete with a friend of your choice. Each week, you get new inspiring reading and audio materials.
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Philia Events
Empowerment workshops, seminars and lectures are taking place regularly. Join us and learn more about the Philia Coaching Method and how to support each other.
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